is most complete email marketing management systems because it includes everything you need to create, send, track and evaluate your email marketing actions. Plus, it includes a number of powerful tools to fully automate your digital marketing efforts.


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These are our terms of use, by purchasing, registering or using any of our services you will be automatically agreeing to these terms of use imposed on this page, if you disagree with any of these terms, please do not contract our services.

1 - By registering and purchasing any of our services you agree to:
1-1: Do not use our server to send viruses, steal personal information, or for any illegal purposes under the law.
1-2: Be fully responsible for server/service usage.
1-3: You agree to follow our submission, optimization, and best practices tips for best results on contracted or server service performance.
1-4: Be aware that late payments may result in late suspension (for post monthly plans) as well as late charges may be charged if the customer fails to make the payment by the due date or the due date. expiration (if it is in the customer's interest to keep their data hosted). If the customer does not want to renew he should contact us requesting the cancellation of this until the day of expiration or the day of expiration to remove the data of the customer, if the customer delays payment your access may be suspended, if the customer has 7 days Due to late payment, your account may be terminated/terminated due to late payment and you will need to reimport all data again if you wish to re-hire in the future. (item 1.4 valid only on monthly plans excluding prepaid plans)

2 - About Adult Content, Guns and Drinks:
2-1: This type of content is only allowed on Email Marketing campaign submissions, where the customer will have full responsibility for the submissions that are sent from their account, this content will NOT be allowed on sites provided by us, so as with any hosting plan, whether shared, VPS or dedicated. Finally, this type of content is only allowed in Email Marketing plans provided the customer has prior LEGAL authorization for this use under regional law.
2-2: The customer who engages our service for this purpose will automatically agree to take full responsibility for their actions, exempting EmktWS of any damage or injury that it may offer.

3 - About server uptime:
3-1: Our server is allocated outside Brazil with ports from 100 to 1000 MB ensuring a high data exchange speed and quality in our services, we guarantee 99.99% uptime.
3-2: If any client's server goes offline for more than 24 hours a month, we will give you bonuses or discounts on upcoming invoices to you, seeking to compensate for any embarrassment this may offer you, this usually does not occur, but if you do, you know that you can request a bonus from us in your area about your services.
3-3: It is at our discretion to suspend an account of any client temporarily if it is abusing shared servers that may harm other clients on the same server, and it is at our discretion to permanently suspend whether or not the user abuses our services using our server for theft of information or acts that violate local laws, if this occurs, the customer will NOT be entitled to any refunds.
3-4: If the client overloads the server based on CPU load, his account may be temporarily suspended in order for the client to resolve the overload issue, a normal server load is around 0.5 to 5.0 if the client arrives At a charge of 6.0 or higher he will be abusing the charge and may damage our servers, warnings will be issued until the customer resolves this issue, if he ignores this warning and continues to overload his account will be suspended permanently without any refund. Overloads usually occur when the customer tries to use more than the contracted plan.

4 - About spam or reported submissions:
4-1: Please note that SPAM is illegal in Brazil. For quality of our services we will NOT tolerate or allow SPAM on our services. If the customer makes SPAM (use of unauthorized lists) he will have his account suspended without any refund. Inbox Guarantee applies ONLY to these double opt-in (from your website's domain name registrations) we can and will use reputational calculation systems on each customer's account and if the customer is SPAM he will be Suspended without any prior notice or refund, if customer has questions regarding this issue please contact us before hiring.

5 - About support and response time:
5-1: Our support is 24/7 on our products and services, with an average response time of 24-48 hours, for business issues that do not involve accounts or support for any product, the response time is business days. If it is about products or services (support), this is 24/7. (every day of the week)
5-2: By contacting us, you agree to wait for the response time stated in item 5-1, 24/7 deadline is ONLY by Email, phone service will be provided ONLY during business hours.

6 - About Email Marketing Server Speed:
6-1: Each plan has its different speed limit, we commit to offer the speed contracted by the customer as long as the customer has an opt-in database with low number of invalids thus avoiding the queue of invalids that may delay their shipments.

7 - Email Marketing Server Refund Policy:
7-1: No refund will be granted on email marketing servers used for SPAM, high number of invalid email triggers (high number of invalid registered in senderscore or logs), because such practices hinder the speed of triggering and rejection by the provider. who will receive the emails not being our responsibility the misuse of the tool by the customer.
7-2: Refunds will be granted on email marketing servers only when the customer has not received any reports of SPAM, RBL or the rejection rate (mark as spam) is low, the same goes for the invalid email rate, Invalid email rate should be less than 10% otherwise no refund will be made for misuse of the tool, in short we may offer a refund of the server if it is proven technical problems of scheduling or server crash.
7-3: No refunds will be granted if the client causes an overload on the email marketing server due to high number of invalid emails, if the CPU load reaches 6.0 or above we will be forced to suspend the client server due to the high load to Not to hurt our servers, high loads occur only when the list bounce rate is high as well as the amount of invalid email, if your list is opt-in you don't have to worry about the overload issue.

8 - Legal Terms:
8-1: We reserve the right to review, monitor, or monitor any server of any client, such reviews will be performed ONLY if the client is using our servers for ILLEGAL acts or means under the law. (example viruses, phishing, pedophilia, spam)
8-2: If the client requests full administrative access to the server (root or admin), it will be the client's sole responsibility to make any changes he may make in obtaining this access, please note that admin or root access must be handled with extreme care. Be aware that incorrect modifications may damage or damage your system. Should the customer damage the system with malfunctions or compromise server security, we may charge fees to restore the system to its default working order. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact us.

This information may change with or without notice, so we recommend you customer be visiting this page periodically, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact form or by accessing the customer area.

EmktWS Administration


Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will my account be activated?

The process of creating your account begins from the moment we receive your return from PayPal with confirmation of your payment. From this we will send you the SPF/DKIM/DMARC integration information for you to implement in your hosting, at the same time we will be activating your unique environment allied to your dedicated IP for maximum results. Since we have customers in many parts of the world, we have to rely on the time zone, so your environment will be ready to start work within 24 hours.

Can I schedule my campaigns to send?

Yes, you can take a day to create all your campaigns and schedule them all by setting their date and time. An email message will arrive to you stating the end of each of the scheduled campaigns. Then take it easy to access your dashboard to track the results regarding openings, removals and clicks, shares, and bounces obtained.

Is it possible to automate list segmentation?

Yes, indeed this is one of the most important and relevant features of the e-target platform, this feature will segment for you your lists based on previously configured rules. For example, you could create a rule to separate users who opened the campaign from those who didn't, or those who clicked on a particular link from those who didn't click any. The platform will automatically separate users based on the rules you created, then simply create your strategy to communicate each case.

Can I create A/B tests of my campaigns?

Yes, our tool allows you to create two campaigns and send them to a certain percentage of your list and depending on the opening percentage of each campaign the tool chooses the winner and sends it to the rest of the list. This feature will increase your conversions up to 80%.

I need to create surveys to insert into my campaigns, is it possible?

It's entirely possible, we have a super tool for you to not only create market research (drag and drop), but also to measure results, as all results will be automatically tabbed making your analysis easier for decision making.

I need to create lead generation forms, can I create it?

Of course, you can create forms for a variety of purposes, such as subscription, signup update or even referral to a friend, this last feature you can even follow up on reports to see if a particular contact has indicated the promotion for a friend.

Can I create a list and import multiple contacts simultaneously?

Yes, even the system will discard duplicate and typo emails. Will be presenting a report at the end of the import with the number of emails successfully registered, duplicated and with error. You will have access to the wrong emails to correct and reimport them if you wish.

Does the system optimize my lists with each submission by eliminating emails that no longer exist?

Yes, unlike many other platforms that charge for this service, we won't charge you anything. Each report is sent a report with a series of metrics and one of them is "Bounces", all emails with this classification will be automatically deleted from your lists making each list firing your lists become cleaner and more assertive.